Conventions Juan Salgado will be working on 2014

The Hell City Tattoo Fest
August 15th - 17th, 2014
T. (602) 955-6600 




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Cranial Visions

I'm honored to be a part of "Cranial Visions" An incredible book exploring the skull through artistic interpretation with work from the best artists in the industry.

Definitely a must have in your art library. You can pre-order it through the link below. Thanks!

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Skin Magazine

I'm really honored to be one of the tattoo artists to be featuring on the #12 edition of Puerto Rico's SKIN MAGAZINE along side Steve Soto and Jesse Smith.

Coming soon to your nearest vendor. It's the best edition so far so don't miss it! From Puerto Rico to the world!

Thanks Jaime Skin.

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Juan Salgado, visionario del arte del tatuaje (Reportaje

En el pequeño balcón, bañado de luz y calor, esperan los pinceles, los óleos, los retablos. Pequeñas plantas le dan un ambiente selvático. En una silla, él pinta. Frente a él, una tabla tiene trazos a lápiz, entre los que se distingue un pájaro, y el pincel, manchado de color naranja, va realizando trazos, círculos, líneas, y las figuras humanas comienzan a emerger.

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Skin Art Magazine

Article: Remain in Light: New Work from Juan Salgado

I want to thank TATTOO and SKIN ART Magazines for the amazing articles. Be sure to check them out in your nearest Border's, Barnes and Noble or participating vendors all around the world.

Take care and thanks for your support!



Tattoo Magazine

Article: Beams of Light by Puerto Rico's Juan Salgado

Just got featured in TATTOO Magazine issue #253 . Check it out at your nearest vendor. Great Article!



Flesh to Canvas

I,m honored to be participating in Flesh to Canvas 2 on Saturday, May 15th at Manhattan’s Last Rites Gallery. Flesh to Canvas 2 will feature more than 30 pieces of canvas art work by more than 25 world-renowned tattoo artists who create works aside from ink on skin. Artists participating in Flesh to Canvas 2 include: Paul Acker, Alex Adams, Guy Aitchison ,Juan Salgado, Aaron Bell, Paul Booth, Joe Capobianco, Joshua Carlton, Mike DeVries, Chris Dingwell, Little Dragon, Alex Garcia, Gunnar, Anil Gupta, Ryan Hadley, Robert Hernandez, Phil Holt, Nikko Hurtado, Brian Murphy, Roman, Stefano, Toxyc, Kurt Wiscombe.


Tattoo Prodigies

I'm grateful to be one of the featured artists in "TATTOO PRODIGIES" This book Features , A collection of the Best Tattoos by the World's
Best Tattoo Artists. Here is a list of the contributing artists:
Nick Baxter, Guy Aitchison,Juan Salgado, Jesse Smith, Tony Ciavarro, Mike DeVries, Bob Tyrrell, Victor Portugal, Kore Flatmo, Jess Yen, Cory Kruger, Nikko Hurtado, Robert Hernandez, Deano Cook, Shane O’Neill, Stephane Chaudesaigues, Shige, Robert Atkinson, Sean Herman, Josh Woods, Gunnar, James Kern, Boris among others.


Pint Size Paintings

Is a new book focusing on amazing paintings done on a very small scale, while still having a large visual impact!

Over 120 of the world’s best artists will be featured in the first volume displaying
their talents to the world on micro canvases! I also had the honor to be part of it and I made the cover! Be shure to check it out! The release is in May 2010


A Rising New Star: Juan Salgado

Juan Salgado is featured in Tattoo Society Magazine issue #20.

Check it out at Barnes & Noble or any participating vendor.

Thanks for your support!


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