“I admire every person who pushes the limits in art and innovates. It's all about breaking traditions and making your own path with all the things you learn over the years."
- Juan Salgado -

Even as a child, Juan Salgado has always had an interest in art. Born in San Juan, Puerto Rico on January 21, 1982 and introduced to the discipline by his older brother Miguel Salgado, he has always managed to capture life in the most interesting ways. At times his schoolbooks were innocent victims of his hand "I drew everywhere including all my school textbooks". After years of a traditional school environment, he enrolled in Escuela Central de Artes Visuales, a change that would strongly influence his career. In this environment he was introduced to different mediums and the history behind them. He learned the basics and started to hone his craft.

After completion of high school he enrolled various Universities, where he majored in Paint, Sculpture and Computer Arts. Although he never graduated, he gained multiple skills and experiences that have helped expand his knowledge and have helped him throughout his career as an artist.

Juan Salgado's interest in tattooing also started at a young age. As a child he was most recognized for drawing his skin with markers. With his first tattoo at seventeen, Juan stated to get an early taste of what was to come. He stated to explore the medium in 2002 but never had any intents of pursuing the medium fulltime or even becoming a tattoo artist. Taught by an old childhood friend who had recently reentered his life, it seemed that destiny had played its hand again. "From that moment on, I felt the medium chose me." After a brief stint tattooing in from his home, he quickly found work when a local tattoo shop heard of his work. His professional career started soon after.


In 2006 Juan Salgado and two business partners opened Underskin Tattoo. Four years later he opened his own tattoo studio in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico called Color Conspiracy Tattoo Gallery. He is currenlty working at his shop along with three other recognized puertorrican artists. Since then, Juan Salgado's career has exploded having won numerous awards including the Hell City Tattoo Fest, Philadelphia Tattoo Convention and the Detroit Motor City Convention. He has also been featured in countless international magazines. His paintings and other medium have also been featured in multiple art collective books and events; like Innerstate, Tattoo World and Tattoo Prodigies. Throughout it all, Juan has not let his newfound fame shake his beliefs. In fact, he has maintained that his ultimate goal is to inspire others. Art, love and creativity have made this man into what he is today.

With his creations taking him around the world, he has won an enormous following. Students, enthusiasts and other artists from around the world have been citing his work as mayor inspirations. But in all, his best creations will forever be contested and praised by his clients and fans since with each stoke of his pen or with every trace on a willing body he will forever change the lives of the people he touches.

Awards and Recognitions
> 2007 First Place Best Color Hell City Ohio
> 2008 First Place Best Color y Tattoo of the Show, Hell City Ohio
> 2008 First Place Best Color Philadelphia Tattoo Arts
> 2009 First Place and Second Place Best Color Hell City Arizona

2010 First Place Best Color Detroit Motor City Tattoo Expo

> 2010 Third Place Overall Hell City Ohio

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